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For those who want to earn passively and legally, without leaving home
For the fulfillment of your little dream

Risk-free profit to your bank account

What can I do for you?

I help private investors and everyone who wants to profitably invest a small free amount of money and passively multiply it

I am a trader with 8 years of experience, I make pure profit from trading in financial markets. As long as I remember myself, I have been trading: it is my main and the only income. Nowadays, I trade by major world indices and additionally by stocks and forex currency pairs

I do not violate any laws of any country, as I work in the legal field with trading companies, which have licenses of central banks of England, USA and Australia

How much money can I earn?

Profit can be from 10 % to 40% in 1 month. This is an average result from my experience, which is influenced by many different technical and fundamental factors in the financial market

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$2 000


1 month
Projected income: $400

How do I trade profitably?

  • 01
    Intelligent software
  • 02
    My own strategy developed through years of successful trading
  • 03
    Work on London Equinix servers
  • 04
    Control of the market fundamentals
  • 05
    Comprehensive risk management and assets diversification
Please see video of 1 hour trading under favorable market conditions in May 2021:
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I offer mutually beneficial cooperation to private investors

I choose clients by such criteria:
  • 01

    In a regional bank with access to online banking

  • 02

    Visa or Mastercard payment system card

  • 03

    Account in PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, if your country supports at least one of these systems

  • 04

    1000 to 5000 in USD/EUR/GBP/AUD (or equivalent)

  • 05

    For residents of the USA, EU, Canada, Australia and the UK – 3000-5000 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD

I give every client a chance to earn if you follow the rules, but this profit will be limited. Unfortunately, I can't make millions of US dollars, but I have a proven way over the years to make enough money to live comfortably

The process of providing a service

  • 01

    Registering and opening an account

    You independently register an account with a trading company, which will remain actual during the period of your inquiry

  • 02

    Verification and depositing of your trading account

    You pass the verification, and then you deposit your trading account with the sum, which is convenient to you

  • 03

    Transferring the affiliate access

    You give access to the trading account (not to the wallet!). The first trading results will be in 5-15 working days

  • 04

    Withdrawal of profits and payment of commission

    After the trades you independently withdraw the money to your wallet. My commission for the service makes 50% from the received profit

  • 05

    Receiving instructions for the next trades

    After the withdrawal of profit and payment of my commission, I send you instructions for registration in another trading company

OK, what are the risks?

  • 01
    The possibility to be banned after registering a trading account. If you are banned, we lose commission for deposit and withdrawal money according to the tariffs of payment systems
  • 02
    In rare cases, when withdrawing money from the trading account, the company can cancel the profit, but the initial deposit is refunded in full
  • 10 places for each country

    I set limits on the number of clients for each of the available countries. After filling the limit, I temporarily close the recruitment of clients, so hurry up to apply for cooperation. Limits will be updated and increased every month

  • Insurance against fraud

    Unfortunately, there are dishonest clients who refuse to pay my commissions. For this reason I will blacklist such clients and stop accepting new clients from their country for an indefinite period of time

What guarantees do I provide?


Money back guarantees

For the first trading account I guarantee the refund of all losses and commissions. The deposit amount is also refunded in full


We will only deposit money with regulated trading companies that have licenses from UK, US and Australian Central Banks

Data security

Personal information and wallet access to exchanges/bank accounts remain with you. You give me access to the trading account only

Personal introduction

Full video verification on my part. We can chat online; you will ask questions and I will answer them


You pay for my services only after the profits earned are transferred to your bank account. The commission is 50% of the profits earned

Fast communication

I am available 5 working days a week. I help each client individually: you can contact me at a convenient time and we will solve your financial problems

One step away from start

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