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Hello, my name is Max. I’m stock trader with 8 years of experience

Briefly about me

As long as I remember myself, I have been trading: it is my main and the only income. Nowadays I trade by major world indices, and additionally I trade shares and currencies. I use expensive software, which helps me to trade at a profit

How did it all start?

It is important for me not the market direction, but the market saturation and activity. I simply earn on the movement

My first experience was the trading on economic indicators such as US GDP and Canadian GDP. I traded successfully until 2020, but the market changed because of the pandemic. The GDP changes became less important, so I switched to trading by global indices, which are the most relevant right now

This story shows that it is important to be flexible and to adapt to the realities of the market in time and never give up. It is possible to make profit on financial markets practically all the time, even if the asset prices are falling down

My mission

I help everyone who meets certain criteria to legally and passively earn money to fulfill a small dream. The whole process takes minimum of time: mostly it's dealing with organizational issues. Minimum of time, a small deposit for trading, and within 10-22 working days you receive a profit to your bank account

Trading is my passion

I like studying the market all the time and following the economic changes in different countries. It helps to be always on the treadmill, make hypotheses and confirm them
  • 8 years

    of successful experience in trading

  • 30

    new clients every month

  • $75 000

    total net profit every month

  • $100-400

    approximate profit in 20 business days (with $1,000 investment)

Skills, helping to achieve results

  • Market analysis

    I analyze the effect of news on the market

  • Practical experience

    My experience, skills and expensive software help to achieve profits

  • Risk management

    I know how to safely distribute risks in the investment portfolio


I am always open to communication and ready to help each client to create an individual investment strategy. Depending on your goals, available amount in hand and term, I will help you to find a compromise solution and implement it

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    Each of my clients is a partner whom I help to achieve small financial goals. Whether it's the purchase of a new car or a long-awaited vacation, we will turn into life your goals together

  • 02

    Operational communication

    I am available 5 working days a week. Just write using any convenient messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) and I will answer all your questions

  • 03

    A responsibility

    I provide support from A to Z: I advise, tell you about all the subtleties of investing and help you passively earn a legitimate profit

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