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I help private investors to multiply their spare money

Safe, legal and transparent
Get net profit above the bank deposits, not wasting your time for the trade

Reliable way to earn for a small dream

I am not suggesting making millions of dollars. But this is your chance to profitably invest your free $ 1000- $ 5000 in order to legally receive passive income and fulfill a small dream: go on a trip, make repairs in your house, or just increase your capital.

How does it work?

Hello! My name is Maxim, I am a financial trader with 8 years of experience. Every working day I trade by major world indices and additionally by stocks and forex currency pairs

My way of trading is toxic to trading companies because they lose money on successful traders like me. But what is important is that I do not break any laws in all countries of the world

90% of traders lose money and only 10% make money. In 8 years of successful trading, I have been one of those 10%. I make money for myself and private investors in different countries of the world: Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Norway, United States, Finland, Australia

I help private investors to multiply their spare money

If you have free money in the amount of USD 1000-5000, I will help you to multiply them with your minimal participation. In trading I use my own strategy, that I developed and proved within years of successful trading. My goal is to get 10 %-40% profit in 1 month during active market

To get passive profit, all you need to do is to follow simple instructions

  • 01

    Registering and opening an account

    You independently register an account with a trading company, which will remain actual during the period of your inquiry

  • 02

    Verification and depositing of your trading account

    You pass the verification, and then you deposit your trading account with the sum, which is convenient to you

  • 03

    Transferring the affiliate access

    You give affiliate access to the trading account (not to the wallet!). The first trading results will be in 5-15 working days

  • 04

    Withdrawal of profits and payment of commission

    After the trades you independently withdraw the money to your wallet. My commission for the service makes 50% from the received profit

  • 05

    Receiving instructions for the next trades

    After the withdrawal of profit and payment of my commission, I send you instructions for registration in another trading company

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$2 000


1 month
Projected income: $400

Investment benefits and guarantees of cooperation

Legitimate passive income without complicacy

Minimum time and effort required. No advanced payments are required, and all profits made in the trading process are legal and therefore easily withdrawn to your bank account

Transparent and reliable cooperation

You control your own documents and bank account. I do not have access to your account at the trading company. I only need access to your trading account to trade

  • No hidden fees, commissions or pre-payment

  • Safety of funds are monitored by the British, US and Australian Central Banks

  • We work only with trustworthy companies regulated by FCA, ASIC, CySEC, NFA

  • Your personal details are only passed on to trading companies

  • You don't give me any personal data or access to bank accounts

Numbers speak for me best of all

  • 8 years

    of successful experience in trading

  • 30

    new clients every month

  • $75 000

    total net profit every month

  • $100-400

    approximate profit in 20 business days (with $1,000 investment)

Look at my clients results



Is this legal at all?

Yes. I do not violate the laws of any country. I trade on your account with a licensed brokerage company, and through my skills, successful 8 years of experience and understanding of various markets and financial instruments, I earn profit - for myself and my clients.

Why is it impossible to earn constantly and a lot at one company?

It's because 90% of trading companies make profit from client's losses and they do not benefit from profitable clients - traders like me, for example. That's why you have to constantly trade with accounts at different trading companies to have an opportunity to earn, even if not millions of USD, but consistently and constantly.

Why such a high percentage of profit?

It is high in comparison with bank deposits. Profit can be from 10 % to 40% in 1 month. This is an average result from my experience, which is influenced by many different technical and fundamental factors in the financial market.

Why should I entrust my money to a trader?

You do not entrust me to your money, but only access to your trading account. This means that when a profit appears in the account, only you can withdraw it from the wallet. You do not hand over personal information or access to your bank accounts; everything remains under your control.

The trust must be built with each other, as each party has a risk. On the one hand, you risk your deposit, and on the other hand, I run the risk of losing my commission of 50% of profits, as well as lose money, which I spend on technical and software resources for each client.

You withdraw all profit you earned from your accounts by yourself, and only then you pay my commission.


How long does it take to receive the first profit?

From 5 to 22 working days in an active market. If there are no important events in the world, the market is passive, and so the waiting period may increase up to 2 months. During this time, we do not incur any losses, but there is no profit either , the money just lies in your account at the trading company.

What is the commission for your services?

The fixed commission of 50% of earned profit. This rate is less than other traders offer: most take a commission of 50% to 70% of the profit, and take an additional $50 for technical resources.

One says it's easy to lose money in financial markets. Is this true?

It is true, if one does not understand what is going on in the financial markets and has no practical experience (both successful and negative). That is why 90% of clients of trading companies lose their deposits, because they do not treat trading as a serious and complicated job.

At the same time, these 90% of clients are profits for the trading companies themselves. That is why when the clients appear, who know how to trade (the companies call them "clients") and start earning a lot due to their skills, the trading companies ban their accounts. This is the main reason why I always trade with different companies.


Is the transfer fee compensated if I fail to earn a net profit?

For the first trading account I give a personal guarantee of reimbursement of commission for deposit/withdrawal of money in the trading company, if I fail to make a profit during the trading period.

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